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Hamilton Automation is a full service systems integrator and machinery builder. At Hamilton Automation we evaluate, develop, design, and build automated systems large and small, complex and simple. Our solutions are designed to improve manufacturing efficiencies as well as increase production volumes. We have an "organization wide" commitment to providing the best, most cost effective solution for your specific needs. Our application engineers are actively seeking new opportunities in assembly, process, test, material handling, and all other areas of manufacturing.

Services Provided:

bullet Design, build, and/or install turnkey automation solutions
bullet Build and install automation solutions from designs provided by you or your organization
bullet Design and/or build electrical control enclosures only
bullet Design and/or build mechanical tooling only
bullet In-house machining capabilities
bullet Build electrical control enclosures from specifications provided by you or your organization
bullet System controls; Robot, PLC, PC, Operator Interfaces
bullet Complete programming solutions, or modifications and/or upgrades to your existing system software
bullet System design (Machine design or CAD drafting services.)
bullet Maintenance / upgrade programs for existing machinery

Areas of Expertise:

bullet High speed component assembly
bullet Ergonomic semi-automatic work stations
bullet Material handling systems
bullet Power and free conveyor systems
bullet Tooling, Escapements
bullet Leak testing
bullet Mass flow measuring
bullet Vision inspection systems
bullet Gauging (laser-mic, LVDT, linear encoder)
bullet Robotic material handling and assembly systems
bullet Pneumatic tooling components (cylinders, slides, grippers, rotary units, etc.)
bullet Hydraulic and pneumatic systems, including vacuum components
bullet Servo press systems
bullet Laser marking, welding, and cutting systems
bullet Laser enclosures built to NCDRH standards
bulletInkjet, pad printing, and thermal transfer marking
bulletBar code readers
bulletGlue application (hot melt, PVA, cyanoacrylate, etc.)
bulletElectrical enclosure design and build
bulletProgrammable Logic Controllers (PLC)
bulletPC based controls platforms
bulletOperator interfaces
bulletElectronic testing equipment
bulletUltrasonic Welders
bulletCam Driven Indexers

Contact Information

Plant address
1657 S. Batesville Rd., Greer, SC 29650
Mailing address
3620 Pelham Rd., PMB1, Greenville, SC 29615
Electronic mail
Sales: sales3@hamilton-automation.com
Engineering: engineering3@hamilton-automation.com


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